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50+ Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

November 10, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

At first you might think short wedding hairstyles are limited or challenging. But you don’t need to grow your hair out or add hair extensions to have the perfect bridal hair. Like any wedding hairstyles, short or long, it comes down to finding inspiration (hopefully in this post!), consulting with your bridal hairstylist, and of course, personal preference.

Short hairstyles are much more common since vintage trends have come into the spotlight, and they suit the casual outdoor Australian weddings perfectly. This means there are now many more examples to choose from. We’ve scoured the internet for the best short wedding hairstyles we could find, but before we get to them, lets look at some classic short wedding hairstyles for trendy brides.… continue reading

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5 celebrity wedding hairstyles to inspire you

November 5, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

Minus a fair share of red carpet disasters, celebrities, for the most part, provide us with a seemingly unending portfolio to refer to when it comes to hair and beauty.

Whether it’s taking in a photo to your local hairstylist of that enviable long, glossy bob your favourite star nailed or turning to magazines for what’s hot in the world of make-up, celebrities are the benchmark for what is aesthetically pleasing, current and on-trend.

That’s why we are adding to your ever-growing wedding hair inspiration arsenal by counting down our top five celebrity bridal hairstyles that are chic and oh-so-attainable for your own big day.… continue reading

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Matching Your Wedding Hairstyle to Your Dress

November 4, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

Next to your dress, your hairstyle is probably at the top of the list of what you want to be perfect on your wedding day. Matching your wedding hairstyle to your dress is all about making sure that your hair completes your look instead of overtaking it.  After all, as the bride, you are the belle of the ball and your entire look should reflect that.

Knowing what wedding hairstyle complements what style of dress is the best way to decide on your look.  With this in mind, let’s look at several wedding gown styles along with suggested hairstyles to match.… continue reading

matching wedding earrings and hairstyles
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5 Dreamy Wedding Hair And Earring Combinations

April 23, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

It’s official: you’re in wedding countdown mode. In between getting wedding entertainment sorted, planning a venue and forcing your fiance to get fitted for a suit, your hair can get pushed to the back of your mind.

You are probably aware that different hairstyles suit different dresses, but did you know that certain earring styles lend themselves perfectly to particular wedding hairstyles?

Whether you have some antique heirloom earrings, or are just dreaming about that bridal bling, here are five wedding hair and earring combinations that are a perfect match for a stunning look.

1. Vintage bouffant and oversized earring jackets

If you are planning on wearing a vintage dress, or even throwing a shabby chic style reception, this combination may just be your dream come true.… continue reading

Blake Lively Movie Wedding Hairstyle
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10 movie wedding hairstyles that are a literal fairytale

September 23, 2016 WeddingBeauty 0

As ladies, we love a good movie wedding scene. Although our boyfriends may roll their eyes at our constant ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ during cinematic weddings, we are really just subconsciously prepping for our own day. Today, we bring you the result of a lifetime of movie watching: our top 10 movie wedding hairstyles.

1. Blake Lively in The Age of Adeline

Any retro-loving ladies will be left with literal heart eyes after seeing the wedding scene in this blockbuster. A deep side parting and under-tucked curls are the epitome of 1940s glamour, and that starry hairband with the veil is seriously what dreams are made of.… continue reading

Wedding hair do's & dont's
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9 Wedding Hairstyle Do’s and Don’ts

June 21, 2015 WeddingBeauty 0

If there is one event at which you want to have perfect hair, it is your wedding day.  There is probably nothing worse than a bride with bad hair except maybe a bride with the wrong hairstyle.

The whole wedding process is stressful especially when it comes to your dress, hair and makeup.

To help relieve some of that stress, here are some suggestions – do’s and don’ts if you will – that hairdressers say eases some of the stress and even helps ensure you have a “good hair day” for your wedding.… continue reading

Wedding Hair Removal
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The Best Hair Removal Treatments

May 6, 2015 WeddingBeauty 0
Wedding Hair Removal

On one of the biggest days of your life, you want your legs (and any other areas sporting unwanted body hair) to be as smooth as the rest of your wedding plans. There are various options available including waxing, laser hair removal and shaving, so it is definitely worth thinking about hair removal well in advance of your big day.


Waxing is a good way to avoid nicks and cuts and ensure silky smooth, stubble-free skin for longer. But, if you’ve never been waxed before, it’d be best to give it a trial a month or two before the wedding.… continue reading

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What is IPL Hair Removal

March 13, 2015 WeddingBeauty 0

As a bride-to-be, you have likely been dreaming of the day you’ll walk down the aisle looking stunningly beautiful and glowing with joy for a long time. Like most brides you’re probably going to have the works done on your wedding day — hair, makeup and nails. Another aspect of looking wedding-day perfect is hair removal. For those photos and, let’s face it, the honeymoon, you want your skin to be silky smooth and devoid of any unwanted body hair. Advancement in light technology has made Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments much more popular and readily available.

About IPL Hair Removal

Oftentimes, IPL and laser hair removal are assumed to be the same thing — this is not true.… continue reading