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Is A Pamper Party Your Ideal Hens Night Theme?

October 28, 2015 WeddingBeauty 0

There is nothing quite like planning a hens night for a good friend. While most hens nights for brides are geared around going out with the intention of drinking all of the alcohol in a 20-mile radius city, some brides may not want such a rage around their last “hurrah” instead opting for small gatherings with a few good friends. That makes a pamper party hens night theme the perfect option.

A hen party focused around pampering spa treatments is quickly becoming a top pick with brides and their friends.  Think about it…you plan spa days with your friends so why not take that excursion to the next level and celebrate with the hen and her closest friends and female relatives?… continue reading

Hens Party Invitations
Hens Party Ideas

Create Sensational Hens Party Invitations

July 31, 2015 WeddingBeauty 0

Evites?  To a hens party?  Don’t you think you should put a little more effort into your invitations for such a festive and commemorative event?

Here are a handful of ideas of how to create sensational hens party invitations that you can put together yourself either by downloading a template or actually making them from scratch. Your invitation always sets the tone for any party so be sure to design one that kicks off a party that guests anxiously await and even come up with their own ideas for what should take place especially when there is a theme to the party.… continue reading