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Wedding Beauty Timeline – Countdown to the Big Day!

August 18, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

So you’re getting married. You’ve booked the venue, you’ve picked your dress, you’ve carefully selected your place settings, invitations, and everything else that will ensure that you Big Day is a magical affair.

Your wedding day is your time to shine, so you’ll want to look your best right? With a little wedding beauty planning, time and preparation, you can achieve just about any look that you desire for your big day.

How much time you put into your bridal beauty preparations is up to you, after all, there is so much to do planning your big day. Make time to plan so you secure bookings for waxing, manicures, facials and any other services rather than rush at the last minute.… continue reading

Classy Hens Party Ideas

4 Classy Hens Party Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

May 3, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

While your big day is all about the happy couple, the girls’ night out is all about you and your closest girlfriends. To be a memorable occasion it doesn’t have to be all booze, sticky nightclub floors and willy straws. Often that’s just not everyone’s cup of tea;) Fun and classy hens night ideas are often the most memorable and enjoyed by everyone. And they don’t have to cost a fortune!

But above all else, the hens party is simply a brilliant excuse for an amazing night out with the girls, so here at WeddingBeauty we’ve put our heads together and come up with some unforgettable ways to farewell the single life in true style:


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matching wedding earrings and hairstyles
Wedding Hair Tips

5 Dreamy Wedding Hair And Earring Combinations

April 23, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

It’s official: you’re in wedding countdown mode. In between getting wedding entertainment sorted, planning a venue and forcing your fiance to get fitted for a suit, your hair can get pushed to the back of your mind.

You are probably aware that different hairstyles suit different dresses, but did you know that certain earring styles lend themselves perfectly to particular wedding hairstyles?

Whether you have some antique heirloom earrings, or are just dreaming about that bridal bling, here are five wedding hair and earring combinations that are a perfect match for a stunning look.

1. Vintage bouffant and oversized earring jackets

If you are planning on wearing a vintage dress, or even throwing a shabby chic style reception, this combination may just be your dream come true.… continue reading

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tips To Brilliantly Capture Your Big Day

April 22, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

Every couple imagines their grandchildren – and their grandchildren – poring over their old wedding photos. The photos taken on your big day are meant to last forever, so make sure the shots are lifetime-worthy and brilliantly capture your day. We look at hiring a photographer, share some wedding photo ideas for candid photos of your guests and finish with the essential wedding photography do’s and don’ts.

Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Investing in a professional photographer can be preferable to relying on a relative to take happy snaps, if your budget allows it. But make sure you research the photographer you are looking at going with.… continue reading

hire wedding band
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A guide to hiring a great live wedding band

February 10, 2017 WeddingBeauty 0

Getting the music right for your big day is crucial. Many people decide to cut corners and do their own music with an iPod, and if you get it right, it can work. On the other hand, it’s a safer bet to put your important wedding music into the hands of a professional, like a DJ. However, you might also be considering taking the big leap and hiring a live wedding band.

When it comes to music, nothing compares to the vibrancy of seeing and hearing it made right before your eyes – and for your big day, you deserve to splash out.… continue reading

Keratin Hair Treatment
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How keratin treatments can give you wash-and-go hair

November 2, 2016 WeddingBeauty 0

How many times have you woken up before work and, faced with the daunting task of taming and styling your locks, simply thrown your hair into a bun to save time? For those of us who have to do battle with our strands every morning in an attempt to control frizz and unruly curls, the time-consuming process of making your hair look effortlessly styled just isn’t practical on a day-to-day basis. Throw humid or wet weather into the mix, and manageable hairstyles seem impossible.

This is where keratin treatments can be a lifesaver, eliminating frizz and leaving hair sleek and smooth.… continue reading

Blake Lively Movie Wedding Hairstyle
Wedding Beauty Blog

10 movie wedding hairstyles that are a literal fairytale

September 23, 2016 WeddingBeauty 0

As ladies, we love a good movie wedding scene. Although our boyfriends may roll their eyes at our constant ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ during cinematic weddings, we are really just subconsciously prepping for our own day. Today, we bring you the result of a lifetime of movie watching: our top 10 movie wedding hairstyles.

1. Blake Lively in The Age of Adeline

Any retro-loving ladies will be left with literal heart eyes after seeing the wedding scene in this blockbuster. A deep side parting and under-tucked curls are the epitome of 1940s glamour, and that starry hairband with the veil is seriously what dreams are made of.… continue reading

vintage wedding fashion
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A vintage wedding guide: fashion from the 1910s to the 1950s

July 25, 2016 WeddingBeauty 0

Vintage wedding fashions have only grown in the last few years of wedding style, with new modern ideas being integrated into historical trends. While styles are often mixed and re-imagined, it can help to know exactly what each decade had to offer. From delightful, to sleek, to sweet and cheeky, each era featured markedly different looks.

The classical 1910s

The 1910s look is often indulgent in terms of lace and volume, around the chest, the arm, and around the skirt, but it is always brought in at the waist for a very sweet, classical look.

Hair: up, with hats and veils

A woman’s hair was her greatest assent in this era and was almost never cut.… continue reading

Tiered Skirt
Wedding Beauty Blog

Wedding Dress trends for 2017 Brides

July 25, 2016 Olga Pomeransky 0

Brides in 2017 have a whole range of exciting trends to choose from, when planning their bridal look. From sexy plunging necklines to amazing back details, the fashion runways around the world featured enough variety to satisfy every taste.

Here is the bridal fashion forecast from the fashion experts at Best for Bride, Canada’s top bridal destination, for the top trends on the bridal scene for the coming year.

Off-the-shoulder neckline

The off-the-shoulder neckline has become immensely popular in the last few years, and continues to be a mainstream trend. Glamorous and sophisticated, this neckline detail is often seen on ball gown silhouettes or A-line dress styles.… continue reading

Wedding Beauty Infographics
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3 wedding and beauty infographics that’ll have you looking your best

June 30, 2016 WeddingBeauty 0

Preparing for a wedding can be a lot of fun. But, for most people, there’s an awful lot of stress involved. Between choosing venues, inviting guests, writing vows and programming, it’s not easy to find time to take care of yourself! Undoubtedly, you want to look your best on your day … so, where do you start? Hair? Lipstick? Foundation? Keeping fit?

The good news is that some smart, smart cookies have broken down the processes for you into fun wedding and beauty infographics. Here are 3 of our favourites. So, take a deep breath and relax.

4 Tips For Picking Your Perfect Hairstyle

Been struggling to work out which colour and cut is right for you?… continue reading

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